Revolution Integrated Systems BBB Business Review

A/V For The People! That is our motto, and we are here to break you free from the chains of your entertainment and integrated house systems. Our hearts ache when we see a coffee table full of remote controls, out of date systems that can no longer pass muster and hold the owner back from including new technologies, poorly designed whole house systems that fail to live up to the expectations set by a salesman, old thermostats and lighting systems that waste energy, and worst of all: wires hanging under a wall mounted TV. We believe that your system should work to entertain you, not that you should have to work to operate your entertainment system.

Revolution Integrated Systems is here to design a system that meets your desires and expectations, and helps you take control of your system with simple and elegant user interfaces. You should not be held hostage by your system, it should not be a chore to watch TV or listen to music, and it should not require a "U.S.S. Remote Boat" on your coffee table to operate your system. This should hold true for the rest of your home’s systems as well: home networking, lighting control, shade control, security integration, surveillance camera systems, HVAC, etc. All these systems should all be available for you to control from a single, simple interface.

Revolution Integrated Systems has the experience and expertise to design a new system from scratch, or come in to your home and make an older system run like new. We will treat you, your family, and your property with respect and we will always be honest with our clients, no matter what. We believe that quality systems are born from quality components, and most importantly, quality workmanship. We do not cut corners or use second rate or "B stock" products in our systems, and the job is never done until the client is satisfied. And when the job is done, we will be there to back up our work with a warranty and high quality service after the sale.

Please consider Revolution Integrated Systems for your next project. We promise to deliver a quality experience for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

A/V For The People!