Lighting Control Systems

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Take Control of Your Lights

  • Got a light you want to control? We got the gear to wrangle it for you. No matter the type of load we can find a switch or dimmer to achieve your lighting goals
  • Controlling a light from the wall is so old fashioned! Add lighting control to your mobile device or home system control interfaces for complete convenience and automation. client? Add the lighting or Lutron monthly packages to your account and your lights will integrate right into your app
  • Put your lights on a schedule so they turn on and off when you want or need them to, sync your exterior lights to the natural sunrise and sunset, turn on vacation mode when you leave and let your lighting system make it look like you are home without predictable timers, clients can add lighting commands to their scenes for full automation and control
  • Our lighting control systems are scaleable, so you can take control of your lights as your budget or imagination allow, start small and build to
  • Pull out the air gap right at the switch or dimmer to safely replace burnt out bulbs without risk of electrocution (Lutron products only)

Let there be Light, and Savings

  • Reducing any single lighting load's full brightness from 100% to 90% can reduce the energy usage of that load by up to 20% without reducing the noticeable light output to the average human, which equates to savings for you and the planet, and more than enough light by which to see
  • Putting your lights into schedules and scenes and installing occupancy sensor switches and dimmers can reduce wasted energy and reduce your energy bill
  • Installing the correct switches and dimmers to control your lighting loads can make your lighting system more efficient. LED, Incandescent, Low Voltage and many other types of lighting loads require specific switches and dimmers to control properly and run efficiently
  • clients can use smart dimmers and switches as part of a monthly Energy Management package to help track and control their energy usage

No longer for the rich, Lighting Control Systems can affordably become the cornerstone of your connected home, and save you money in the process