Own Your Network

  • Why pay your ISP for outdated and refurbished equipment when there is nothing stopping you from owning your whole network, let us install a new modem and router for you and take control of your network. As a side benefit, you will be calling us when you have an issue (other than an area wide outage), not the cable company
  • Our experience setting up and configuring networking equipment gives us the ability to secure your network, prioritize network bandwidth, name your network what you want it to be named, and set your WiFi password to something you can remember instead of a random string of characters
  • Have kids? Want to protect them from pornography and other objectionable material on the Internet? We can help with that, too

Wired for Speed

  • Streaming music and video services like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon require a lot of bandwidth, and a wired Ethernet connection can improve the performance of streaming devices with improved speed and reliability
  • Switching devices from your WiFi network to a wired Ethernet network (the wired equivalent of your wireless network) will free up bandwidth on your WiFi and allow devices that can't be wired (like mobile phones and tablets) to have more speed and reliability on a less populated network

Cut the Strings on Your Wireless

  • Most people take the wireless equipment their ISP gives them then wonder why their wireless connection is so weak, slow and unreliable, step up to the latest wireless technology with the highest speeds and capacities installed where it is most effective
  • Frustrated consumers call their ISP to solve their wireless issues only to have an inexperienced technician incorrectly deploy inefficient repeaters and only make things slightly better or sometimes worse, let our experienced technicians deploy the equipment which will solve your issues in the places where you need it most
  • One wireless router in the basement is never enough, let us tailor a wireless network to your needs and your space, wireless where you need it, when you need it, with speed and reliability

 Once thought a luxury, Broadband Internet access has become a necessity in today's connected household, and a strong home network can take full advantage of that power

Networking Systems

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