Services Page

Revolution Integrated Systems offers a wide variety of services to meet the individual needs of your project. Whether you are starting from scratch and need a suite of our available services or you just need a little advice while you do it yourself, RIS can help you get your project done!


We can help guide you into the system and equipment which will best suit your needs, with an eye to your budgetary constraints and aesthetic tastes.


Designing and installing your own system? It is easy to overlook something.Let our years of experience help you make sure it can be everything you dream.


Quality workmanship, honesty, and respect for our clients are the cornerstones of our installation philosophy. We leave the site as it was when we arrived (within reason) and you will know what is going to happen before it happens, no surprises.


You maintain your furnace and cars, and keep your house clean. Why not your entertainment system too? We will come in and make sure that everything is properly working, point out any issues that may exist and offer solutions, point out any obvious future issues, and clean your components. A clean and well maintained system will perform better and last longer.


Having problems with your system? Years of experience in the industry and familiarity with a wide variety of equipment and control systems means we can trouble shoot and possibly fix many issues that you may have, even if the system was not one of our own.


All systems Revolution Integrated Systems installs are covered by a one year labor warranty and we stand behind the manufacturer warranties of all the products we carry. If there are any problems during the warranty, we will make it right for you in a timely manner, rest assured.