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Whether you want to be able to answer your doorbell with your phone or put your house lights on a schedule, Indianapolis Home Automation Installation Company is ready to help you find and deploy the best technologies to suit your family’s needs.
Video Doorbells: Be able to see who is at your door and talk to them using an app on your mobile device. That is the convenience of a video doorbell. Many models of video doorbells include motion detection so that you can see who is at your door even if they do not ring the doorbell. Much of the video captured of packages being stolen off of front porches is captured using video doorbells.
Smart Door Locks: Whether you use a key, a code on a keypad, or your mobile device, today’s smart door locks offer a number of ways to give you complete control over access to your home. Let the plumber in while you are at work or give the in-laws a code to get in to water the plants while you are away. Easy, secure access for your home with smart door locks.
Lighting Control: Smart dimmers and smart switches can help you automate your home’s lighting needs and make life a little simpler. Set the exterior lighting loads to go on and off with the rising and setting sun… you will rarely ever touch the switches again. Use smart dimmers and smart switches to sync with your alarm panel to turn lights off when you are away or sync your smart dimmers and switches with garage door control to turn on interior lights so you never come home to a dark house. And, of course, control it all from the convenience of your mobile device.
Garage Door Control: When using a smart garage door system you can get alerts when your garage door has been left open for a period of time and another alert when the garage door has been closed. Not home? Not a problem. Control your garage door from your mobile device when you are away from home.
Just imagine: you set a time for the electrician to come by but you have to be at work when they can get there. You just tell them to ring the audio video doorbell which you can answer and talk to the technician in person, then open the front door or garage door for them to let them in. Your smart thermostat knows there is someone in the house so it adjusts to meet seasonal needs and you can turn a few lights on so the technician can see. All done? Just have the technician ring the doorbell again and you can lock everything up nice and tight after they have left. All from your work place.

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Stay home for your next family movie night in your own home theater or media room! You will never want to go to the mall theater again.


Using today’s hottest home automation technologies we can help you put control of your home in the palm of your hand whether you are in your kitchen or in a foreign land.


Own your network from top to bottom. Blazing fast home Wi-Fi and wired connections, reliable and up to date equipment, and expert service make meeting your networking demands a simple task.


Keep an eye on your property and have peace of mind with a surveillance system which you can access from anywhere, anytime.


Whether you want a home filled with music, all of your TV equipment hidden away, or a combination of both, we can help.


Keep your property safe and your home under control with a new security system you can control from your mobile device.

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