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Keep Your Property Safe and Your Home Under Control
Includes Main and Sub control panels, 10 wireless Door/Window sensors, 2 system Smoke Detectors and installation labor.
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Our security systems Indianapolis  do not use land based phone lines or the Internet to send their signals to the monitoring station. Instead, our security system companies Indianapolis use cellular communications backed up with an on-board battery to ensure that signal gets out and your property stays protected, even when the power and cable goes out.
Monitor and control your system from your mobile device using's powerful and intuitive app
Receive alerts when the system is triggered or arming reminders when you forget to arm your alarm
You own all the hardware and there is no contractual commitment for remote access or monthly monitoring
The home security systems Indianapolis is fully scalable so it can be built up over time or as your needs grow

Own your Hardware and No Contracts!

When we install the hardware into your home, you own it. It's all yours. We don't lease the hardware to you or charge you fee after fee for installation. If you move, take it all with you and set it up in your new home. It works everywhere (where there is cellular phone service). And while you will be required to pay monthly fees for remote access packages and monitoring, we won't make you sign a contract locking you into service for years to come. You can adjust your packages and monitoring any time you like or even cancel your service all together, no penalties or change fees, no hard feelings and no explanation necessary. It's your system, not ours.

Revolution Integrated Systems




Stay home for your next family movie night in your own home theater or media room! You will never want to go to the mall theater again.


Using today’s hottest home automation technologies we can help you put control of your home in the palm of your hand whether you are in your kitchen or in a foreign land.


Own your network from top to bottom. Blazing fast home Wi-Fi and wired connections, reliable and up to date equipment, and expert service make meeting your networking demands a simple task.


Keep an eye on your property and have peace of mind with a surveillance system which you can access from anywhere, anytime.


Whether you want a home filled with music, all of your TV equipment hidden away, or a combination of both, we can help.


Keep your property safe and your home under control with a new security system you can control from your mobile device.

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